Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remembering The Fifties

Remembering The Fifties

Studebakers,  Hudsons, Pontiacs
Great cars with horn rings
Bench seats that allowed you to sit close
And put your arm around a girlfriend
Sometimes more than that.
No buttons
Radios with dials
Door handles
Windows rolled down by hand
Those straight 8 gas hogs - twenty-five cents a gallon . . . Ethyl.
No idiot lights
It was assumed drivers had brains.

I saw Bill Halley & The Comets
Little Richard in St. Louis - Live
The ticket price – two bucks.
Drove an MG-A convertible with spoke wheels
From St. Louis to L. A.
Crossed Death Valley at high noon
So hot it melted solder out of the generator
I was twenty and it all felt so cool.

L.A. to San Francisco
Highway lined with orange trees
Beautiful . . . Clear sky and no pollution
People thought the government was honest
If  Truman or Eisenhower were hinky we never heard about it.
There were no terrorists
You could carry a knife on airplanes.
We had fought a war for understandable reasons
And actually won
No one thought to be politically correct
People with holes in their jeans were poor
And only sailors had tattoos.

It seems so long ago
A world away

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